Property Marketing Strategy Guide

Unlock the power of digital marketing to attract buyers and sell more property

Understand the buyer

Search engines, social media, mobile, YouTube, review and maps. These are the new tools of the digital-savvy buyer.

Step-by-step strategy

From your website, to social media to advertising, we look at how to knit it all together in a structured way to enhance and support your commercial property marketing strategy.

Practical tactics

Use our quick one-page property marketing strategy planning checklist to get ideas and aid marketing planning for your next project.

Understand The Buyer

Buyers do their homework online well in advance before talking to sales people or seeking advice. The speed of change in how buyers shop for property, means traditional your property marketing strategy could probably use a review. Old media tactics alone are not enough anymore. Here we examine the challenges, opportunities & rewards.

Develop Your Property Marketing Strategy

With a clear picture of the buyer journey, we look at ways to map our buyer stages to our website, content, email and lead generation tactics. Today’s property buyers use a vast range of new tools and techniques on their quest for the perfect property.

Practical Tips & Tactics for Success

We break down tactics and tips for getting and keeping prospective buyers attention at each stage of the buyer journey. Use our sample campaign checklist to jumpstart your next campaign plan, and deliver a winning property marketing strategy.

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