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Product Brochure Design

We have created many a product brochure to suit a wide variety of industries. From assisting medical companies and helping equipment manufacturers, to realising novelty product prototypes, you can be sure we’re able to meet the specific needs of your business.

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Why a Product Brochure?

If you’re looking to sell a product, creating a product brochure is advisable. Not only will this bring attention to your product, it can also serve as a user friendly manual packed with key information and stunning images.

What is the selling feature of this product? Why should I choose this product over a similar one? Is this product difficult to use? These are all questions your customers are thinking when viewing your product. A product brochure can help answer those questions through visual diagrams, infographics, exploded views, reader friendly layouts etc. The possibilities are endless.

Product brochures also allow you to dress them with your branding. It’s so important that your customers recognise your brand and trust it. By releasing branded marketing materials your customers will develop a connection with your company over time and with every product they receive satisfaction from their loyalty will grow, as will your customer base, as will your brand.

Introduce CGI to your product brochure…

CGI and Product Brochures

Sometimes it can be difficult to sell an idea to someone who can’t visualise it. Products that do not yet exist or are in early manufacturing/prototyping stages can be easily realised with the help of CGI, as long as drawings (official or not) are provided as a basis to work from. This use of CGI can be extremely helpful when trying to pitch for funding, access permission, create marketing materials such as product brochures or simply visualise ideas.

Another great use of CGI within product brochures is it can help break down the steps of using a product. From putting together a mobile phone to using medical equipment, basic steps with clean graphics are often much easier to understand, especially if parts on the product are not so noticeable at first glance.

Is your product so beautiful you want to show lots of images of it, but a photographer would be too expensive to hire considering the amount of time they’d need to rearrange shots and readjust the lighting? CGI easily takes care of that. Cameras and lighting can be quickly moved around in a 3D studio, with multiple shots set up ready to render. What’s more, if your product comes in a variety of materials or finishes, CGI can allow you to show multiple images of the product displaying each kind. This is great for including in product brochures, it allows your customers to view all the options without having to imagine what a ‘coffee cream colour’ or ‘faux leather finish’ looks like on the product. This is a great tool for catalogue layouts.

Product Brochures for Everyone

Customers are not the only people who benefit from product brochures; some companies create them to help train their staff and keep them up to date with the latest company products and their usage/manufacturing/installing procedures. Imagine having to explain procedures hundreds of times, hoping you didn’t leave out anything crucial, or having an important step in your production line missed because a member of staff forgot or mixed up a key stage. Having a product brochure that explains company procedures in an appealing way helps staff digest the information easier and the brochure is a helpful tool they can always have on hand. Someone going out to customer’s homes to fit appliances could definitely benefit from this. Or if there’s a machine to be used in a workshop environment for example, it would be great for the staff to have guides and steps to follow ensuring their safety and the correct usage of equipment.

Clients Include:

Traditional vs Digital

We’re now in the digital age where people are glued to their devices. It would be crazy to rely on traditional marketing methods such as brochures! Or would it? Below are some key benefits brochures provide that digital alternatives can’t provide as easily;

  • Have you ever encountered a time when you really wanted to show someone something on your phone or computer but the Wi-Fi was down? Brochures can be used on location so there’s no awkward silence whilst waiting on a product page to load… if it does load. They’re so versatile when you consider how they can be easily handed out at events
    or even posted to peoples doors!
  • What do good websites provide? Well, they will show you who the company is, what the product looks like, the key features, why you should purchase it and provide contact information. A good brochure does the same. All the information is condensed and thoughtfully placed, making it faster and easier to absorb.
  • When a customer is looking through a brochure, their attention is on that and nothing else. They don’t have multiple brochures competing for it, unlike the adverts you see online. To advertise online is a great idea but to rely on that method completely could be risky. Placing ads on the side of what a customer is actually interested in looking at can be very passive.
  • Just like how people recommend books and magazines to their friends, chances are they’ll pass on your brochure to others and discuss the product with them. Word of mouth isn’t as glamorous as hitting the screens with shiny ads but it shouldn’t be overlooked. A lot of companies still get most of their referrals and orders in via word of mouth.
  • Lots of companies like to get their products on the televisions screens, which is fine but how much information can be conveyed in such a short space of time? Getting prime times on television can be costly, especially for small businesses and the more time you want to use; the higher the price. Will you get everything you want squeezed in? Possibly not. A brochure allows you to say as much as you want and show as many pictures as you like, and what’s even better is the more brochures you order, the lower the price goes!
    A very cost-effective way of marketing.

Uses for Product Brochures

In short, there’s an abundance of uses for product brochures and you’re very unlikely to regret creating one. If you’re serious about your product then what are you waiting for? Give it a push! Here’s a quick re-cap on some ways you could use a product brochure;

  • Introduce your new product.
  • Update customers on new features (fitting for electronics).
  • Show customisation options for customers to choose from.
  • Educate staff members on product usage/manufacturing/installing procedures or machinery usage.
  • Demonstrate how your product works, break it into
    digestible stages.
  • List components/parts and explain their uses and how to assemble the product.
  • Showcase all your products in the one place.
  • Provide an alternative method to order products by creating a catalogue (fitting for fashion).

Highly professional approach, top class CGIs together with creative brochure design. Our clients were very impressed.

Cormac McNabb, Associate Director, Savills

We’ve used Paul and his team since 2007 and we don’t even look elsewhere now. They know their business and, more importantly, they understand our needs.

Conor Margey, Fermac Properties

Commendably helped to ensure the client’s brief and high standards were carried out and achieved during the whole process.

Ambostrachan Homes

Head and shoulders above any of their competitors

Alan Jones, Development Surveyor, Henry Boot Developments

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