Frequently Asked Questions

Property CGI

Why would I need Property CGI? I usually just hire a photographer

Property CGI (computer generated imagery) is used in situations where photography is not feasible or the building is not yet constructed or is awaiting refurbishment. We love photography. But sometimes, handling photo shoots, video production shoots and coordinating many service providers can be tricky. Not to mention when the weather is involved! We offer photorealistic CGI as a solid alternative to traditional photography and videography.

What sort of Property CGI services do you offer?

Our property CGI services can be broken down into four key areas:

  • Exterior CGI
  • Interior CGI
  • 2D/3D floor plans
  • Architectural Visualisation

What assets should I supply for a project?

Every project varies but our clients usually provide us with some or all of the following:

  • Complete and final set of architectural plans
  • Photographic reference of required finishes
  • Photographic reference of fittings, fixtures and furnishings
  • A detailed written brief highlighting any aspirations or visions.

What is exterior CGI?

We have a number of different types of CGI that can be deployed for different projects / circumstances.

Full CGI: This is where everything in the scene is computer generated. Typically used for large commercial or residential developments where the need to show the development in context isn’t a priority.

Photomontage: Useful in instances where you want to see the new building in context with neighbouring existing buildings i.e. for planning purposes.

Animated: Useful when more than one aspect of the building is required or for sales office marketing videos.

Why would I use 3D floor plans?

3D floor plans are a great way to show potential buyers who have very little experience in reading complex architectural drawings, how the general layout of a floor or building looks. We remove all extraneous CAD data such as plumbing and electrical information and present the buyer with only the information they need to assess if that property is the right one for them.

Need help?

Need more info, or have specific questions to ask us? One of our creative team is on hand to help out.

Ask An Expert


What sort of brochures do you specialise in?

We offer a full range of bespoke property brochure design services, but we are specialists in the high-end property space. We’re a full-service design agency, with partnerships in place with specialist printers that allow us to bring our unique creative approach to large scale residential property campaigns, right down to unique luxury offerings such as luxury apartments in London, or exotic locations around the world.

I have a large range of properties to market, can you work with us?

Absolutely. We work extensively with some of the UK’s biggest house-builders such as Henry Boot and Amara Property. No job is too big. Our studio runs like clockwork due to our flexible but tightly controlled project management processes.

What design services do you offer aside from brochure design?

Our Graphic Design & Web team work to ensure your marketing imagery is in a format your target market understands, and engages with. We have a vast array of property related sales tools, all created in-house by a talented and innovative team of designers, developers and illustrators. Our full list of design services for property developers, agents and marketers includes:

  • Branding
  • Property brochures
  • Web sites
  • Property apps
  • Site signage
  • Hoarding
  • Press release advertisements
  • 2D floor plan illustrations
  • Colour site plans and location maps
  • Show house displays
  • Sales office displays
  • Stationery
  • Window cards
  • Opening invites E-zines