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Perhaps a sweeping generalisation but for the most part, apartments in the UK are usually inner city and predominantly inhabited by people under the age of 35. This presents a unique challenge when it comes to developing a winning apartment marketing strategy and correctly marketing this type of property to the target audience.

We see lots of marketing campaigns that seem to play the game out a little safe and in doing so neglect any real focus on any particular demographic.  This is understandable as we obviously do not want to alienate anyone that may consider a purchase. However, the problem with trying to appeal to a young & old / mixed audience in the same campaign is that they both have very different purchasing triggers and requirements.

The older buyer wants peace and quiet, neighbours of a similar age, roof gardens for their roses, a butcher’s shop nearby. The younger buyer wants a nightlife hotspot, close to a tube station with lots of shops and a vibrant culture.

Carefully Define Your Target Customer

So how can we accommodate and target both within the same campaign. The short answer is – if we can avoid it we should! A property cannot be all things to all people so it is important to understand your demographic and reach out to them directly. This means being very clear about what you are offering.

When we try to cover both we appeal to neither and that may seem like the safer option but often results in a campaign that is ineffective with no real substance and worse still, no sense of direction and identity.

In an ideal world the target market should be considered upon purchase of the land or property. The architectural and interior styling should appeal to that demographic and subsequently all marketing efforts focused on them. The only problem is we don’t live in an ideal world so here are some tips for marketing property to a mixed bag of purchasers.

5 Apartment Marketing Strategy Tips

1. Content is king. If structured and worded correctly good copy can appeal to different purchasers. For example instead of saying “the area is a hotspot for nightlife” we might say “this area is lively & energetic”.

2. Different age groups can and do have many similar interests. Everyone loves a coffee so focus on coffee culture instead of pub culture. Apartment inhabitants all love park live so again, focus on that instead of night life! We all like to dine out so include plenty about the local restaurant scene instead of mentioning fast food outlets…(always avoid mentioning anything to do with convenience food)

3. Avoid lifestyle photography of people. Young professionals don’t want to see retirees throughout the marketing brochure and vice versa. This paints the wrong picture!

4. Add dimensions to your property brochure floor plans in both metric and imperial.

5. Keep all adverts punchy with one simple message per advert. Do not overload property adverts and signage with endless copy and logos. People won’t read it and they’ll miss the important message buried within.

Marketers use this analogy when it comes to keeping ads simple and focused on one key message.

Throw a man one ball and he’ll catch it.
Throw a man two balls at the same time and he might catch one of them.
But throw a man three balls at the same time and he’ll likely drop all three.

This analogy should be kept in mind during the creation of every aspect of your property marketing campaign.

Have a look at this case study example of an apartment marketing brochure that worked very well for us.