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Photo-realistic property CGI is an essential tool in the property marketing canon. The use of high resolution computer generated images supports many stages of the property development and sales process - from planning to marketing. We’ve completed a wide range of property CGI in both the residential and commercial sectors. View our property CGI work, and get in touch to discuss your needs or ask any questions.

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How to Use Property CGI

CGI is a flexible and powerful tool. We have created Property CGI for Architects at the beginning of the design process enabling both Developer and Architect to assess and correct design issues long before construction begins. Read more.

Why Use Property CGI?

CGI works to support and enhance investor applications, design, pre-construction, construction, marketing and sales and can be deployed across print, outdoor signage, property websites and online advertising collateral. Aside from the obvious benefits for property marketing, CGI can can also be used as a design tool which can effectively and efficiently communicate the concepts and ideas.

Unlimited Possibilities

The nature of CGI means anything can be visualised, tweaked and created to suit all requirements. Without the natural limits of geography, weather, gravity and the only real limits to what can be achieved is the imagination, something the team at Urban 3D are not short of. Whatever you can imagine for your campaign, can be achieved, as there really are very few limits using this amazing technology.

Accuracy and Flexibility

Our in-house CGI team create pin-point accurate models based on architectural plans, enabling us to bring to life what would otherwise simply be static ideas and concepts on a sheet of paper. By utilising the powerful creative technology, we can focus the attention of the viewer where it needs to be. be that modifying the lighting, adding people and life to a scene, or drilling down and highlighting the property's key selling points and unique features which otherwise may not have been noticed.

Speed and Efficiency

The flexibility of CGI also means that customising the look and feel of your overall project can be done fairly quickly and easily, and your 3D models can be easily stored as assets and reused for brochures, websites and other marketing collateral needed for your property project.

Our Property CGI Experience

The team at Urban 3D are vastly experienced with over 10 years delivering highly engaging and creative property CGI projects for some of the UK's leading property professionals. Our dynamic team of 3D artists, graphic designers and architectural technologists provide a high level of professionalism and creative flair. Regardless of your available budget and project requirements, we're confident that we can deliver a quality and service to your company that you'll find hard to match.

Contact Us About Property CGI

So please do feel free to make contact with us, either by using the contact form to send us a message or by calling and speaking with us directly on 02871 279700.

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