Marketing Services For Commercial Property Agents & Developers

Over the years we have helped visualise and market some really exciting commercial development projects working alongside some great clients and agents. We are typically asked to produce a presenter document which houses all the information a prospective retailer would require. This presenter document usually contains information on the local area, footfall, transport links and surrounding anchor tenants as well as photo real computer generated imagery of the proposal etc.

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Target Market - Retailers

Our commercial property marketing brochures offer potential retail tenants practical and technical information that puts them in a position to assess a potential site, in many instances before construction has begun. There are many factors which influence a decision therefore it is critical we produce documentation that clearly communicates the information in a format that retailers or businesses understand and recognise. Read more.

Here at Urban 3D we specialise in creating personalised property marketing campaigns that can take your commercial property business to the next level. Our team is extremely skilled in a wide range of both the design and marketing areas, and are very well equipped to create an advertising campaign that will elevate the success of your business to new heights and achievements. Urban 3D combines the diverse talents of it's team members, who come from several different areas of the creative design and marketing fields. We have resident experts in the skill sets of; property web design, graphic design and computer generated imagery (CGI), amongst others.

Urban 3D understands that an effective property marketing campaign needs to be well planned, using not only the correct overall marketing strategy, but the right combination of media types aswell. Because we are experienced with many different types of advertising, including; traditional print (flyers and postcards), brochure design, CGI development, and online forms of advertising and client interaction such as web design - we are able to look at our client's campaigns from a broader perspective, and put together the correct assortment of advertising that will suit your companys goals and aspirations.

Our CGI work for instance, is very effective in creating the impression of size and space that commercial property so often involves. For example, when working with clients that are looking to advertise buildings that involve large public areas, we can easily give the impression of a bustling mall, or a busy city center by simply adding in crowds of people using CGI technology. We've done work in the past with some large scale commercial property projects including the Daventry Town Centre Regeneration Project, where we were given the opportunity to create 3 different views of the proposed Henry Boot's leisure complex to be constructed at Mulberry Place, in London. So we have excellent experience in working with large scale commercial property companies.

Another very effective type of marketing media that we use in conjunction with commercial property marketing campaigns, is property brochure design. A commercial property brochure is a very elegant and professional way to showcase your property, and give potential clients the impression of scale and grandeur that you're after. Because effective marketing is very much about creating the correct impression of the true value of what you're offering, we find that brochures are one of our most relevant advertising media types in this area.

Our team really understands the importance of creating campaigns that are highly customized to each client's individual needs, and for that reason, we'll work closely with you to insure that we can optimize your potential advertising results. We feel that a client's advertising needs to reflect their unique qualities and values, and we really strive to make this clear by using both clever design, and the correct advertising formats.

If you feel that Urban 3D could possibly be a good fit for your company, please do contact us, and we'll discuss the potential of us working with you to create the ideal commercial property marketing campaign for your business. Feel free to either call us directly on 02871 279700, or use our contact page to leave us a message, and we'll get back to you shortly.

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